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Helping Hand Homecare - Private Professional Homecare for as little as 10.44 an hour after tax relief. Contact us now for a free consultation.Helping Hand , the Independent Irish homecare provider. Now open in Howth Village, Co Dublin. We're Recruiting. We're Recruiting

The Helping Hand Approach

At Helping Hand, we believe that by building a strong relationship with our clients and their families, we can really understand their needs and then deliver the highest quality, most appropriate and supportive care to meet these needs.
Helping Hand offers four broad levels of care:

The primary focus of all our care plans is on quality of life and the wellbeing of our clients. To achieve this, we offer different levels of care, to suit you or your loved one's current needs. Of course, these are not set in stone, but our clients find it useful to see which care plan they may fall within. Alternatively, we can design a custom care plan for your needs using components of one or more of our existing plans.

With regards to hours provided, Helping Hand can provide home care services from one hour a day up to twenty four hour live-in care. We can also drop in several times a day, to keep a close eye on your loved one.

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