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Helping Hand Homecare - Private Professional Homecare for as little as 10.44 an hour after tax relief. Contact us now for a free consultation.Helping Hand , the Independent Irish homecare provider. Now open in Howth Village, Co Dublin. We're Recruiting. We're Recruiting

Our 3 Step Assessment

In order to identify the most appropriate care plan for you, we use our 3 Step assessment process to ascertain the best approach.


The first step in providing our home care services is to meet with you to carry out a needs assessment based on the individual's current ability to function in five areas:

  • Physical Health - Is the individual mobile or do they require help in walking? Do they have any mobility exercises as part of a daily or weekly routine? Is help required to get in and out of bed? How is their hearing / communication skill? Are they on medication? Do they require regular doctors/ hospital visits?
  • Mental Health - How is the person's thinking? Are they confused or having trouble with organising and expressing thoughts? Are they forgetful and prone to losing or misplacing things? Have there been any major changes in their personality or behaviour?
  • Social Support - What interests does the individual have, for example do they enjoy reading, watching television or films, listening to music? Do they enjoy conversation? Do they like to visit friends, family or neighbours regularly? Do they attend any social clubs for example bridge or bingo?
  • Activities of daily living - How can the individual manage with daily personal hygiene, bathing, dressing and feeding themselves? What level of domestic chores for example shopping, meal preparation and housework do they require help with?
  • Environmental conditions - How does the individual like the room temperature to be? Is there adequate heating and lighting? Are there any potential hazards in the home to be aware of for example gas cooker, rugs or carpet which may cause trips or falls? Is the home fitted with a smoke alarm and has it been checked recently?
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