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Helping Hand Homecare - Private Professional Homecare for as little as 10.44 an hour after tax relief. Contact us now for a free consultation.Helping Hand , the Independent Irish homecare provider. Now open in Howth Village, Co Dublin. We're Recruiting. We're Recruiting

Tax Relief / Payment Terms

You or your family may be eligible to claim income tax relief on the cost of home care at your top rate of tax. This allows the person paying for the service to reduce the cost of care by claiming Tax Relief at their marginal rate of Tax (either 20% or 41%) . Tax benefit can also be availed of through the tax credit system which allows for the benefit to be received as part of your monthly or weekly wages.

To avail of this a IT47 form is required "Employed Person Taking Care of an Incapacitated Individual" available through the Revenue website or from your local Revenue office.

Worked Example

Cost of Level 1 Companionship Package    € 18.00 per hour
Less Tax Relief @ 41%*          € 7.56

Net cost to you             € 10.44

* this makes the assumption that your tax rate is at the top rate. The amount of the relief is the cost of employing the carer less any amount recovered from a Health Authority, Local Authority, etc. Where two or more persons employ the carer the relief is apportioned between them. The maximum amount of the relief for any tax year is given in Leaflet IT 1 'Tax Credits, Reliefs and Rates', which is updated annually.

Helping Hand Rates

The hourly rates charged will be based on the level of services required by the client. Payment may be made by direct debit, credit card, or by cheque and will be billed monthly in advance.
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